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Hi My Mad Mailer:

Great Service - in fact, I don't know if you're after any testimonials at the moment but I am compelled to write one, feel free to use this or trash it! Wow! MyMadMailer you have made my day, my week - heck you've just made my whole LIFE so much easier! Safelist marketing was one aspect of my business that I know I wasn't doing as much as I should have - it can just be sooo tedious and time consuming. Now, thanks to MyMadMailer, I can set it and forget it and know that my ads are being sent to THOUSANDS of safelists every day without ANY further input from myself! What use to take hours now can be done in just seconds. Thanks MyMadMailer - top product and top service!

Michael Cobb - http://Home-Income-Team.com



I LOVE the REAL-TIME logs of mmm your email safe-list submissions. What a relief to finally see results both behind the scenes and in my sales. I love My Mad Mailer.

Sally- Modesto, CA
Since, I've joined My Mad Mailer, I've terminated my accounts with 50 other safe lists. Y'all are doing such a DANDY JOB at sending my campaigns. It's no longer taking me 2 days to send out my bi-monthly Newsletter. Thank you My Mad Mailer and keep up the good work. 

Cindy -Athens, GA
Folks of My Mad Mailer,

You've made a BELIEVER out of me. My business partner and I wagered a bet that only a targeted safe list would drive better results than an safe-list like My Mad Mailer.com. Well, the truth of the matter is I compared my returns from my targeted to safe list to My Mad Mailer.
My Mad Mailer WON thumbs down! Thank you My Mad Mailer.

Donald - Alexandria, VA
I am really WOWED. You guys weren't kidding when you said "MAXIMUM EXPOSURE." In just three weeks of joining My Mad Mailer, I've seen my email log climb from 50,000 to 100,000 prospects. How can you afford to keep the price SO cheap? Since, I'm so excited about My Mad Mailer I'm spreading the word - but please DON'T RAISE the price. 

Lisa - Frederick, OK
Dear Webmaster of My Mad Mailer

Who ever came up with the name and concept of My Mad Mailer deserves a big FAT award for the innovation. I've never experienced a marketing system so CHEAP and financially pleasing. 
My Mad Mailer is making me CRAZY money while saving my marketing budget and LABOR….continue to be TRUE to the safe list's name My Mad Mailer -- KUDOS

Karen - New Buffalo, Michigan.
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Premium Safelist Submitter!
your Email Ads to
with the 1-CLICK - Safelist Submitter!

Our Safelist Submitter is Over 5 Years Old!


Safelist Submitter Features:

1 Click & you join safelists!

1 Click Auto Validation System!

1 Click post to Members!

1 Click POP3 eMail Box Cleaner!

Achieve more click-thrus and sales!

100% Spam FREE & Guaranteed Delivery!

Saves Time, Money & Easy to Use!

Shoot your income to $2000 per month with Little effort!


We invite you to BLAST your e-mail campaign to safelist members.

Over safelists make up My Mad Mailer. Each day hundreds and hundreds of new members & safelists join My Mad Mailer. Consequently, we have fresh new members for everyone to promote and advertise their products and services.

25-Reasons My Mad Mailer is one of the 
Top-Rated Safelist Submitter on the Internet!

1) Maximum Ad Exposure!
My Mad Mailer will maximize any promotion in need of extending its reach to members. Since, My Mad Mailer sends promotions and emails to over Safelists, it is equivalent to more than Members…and counting. 

We are the LARGEST & BIGGEST Safelist Submitter on the web today.
2) Auto Joins & Auto Validates with 1 Click!
MyMadMailer is TRULY a 1-CLICK Auto-Join & Auto-Validation system.
You Join & Validate all safelists with 1-CLICK.
3) 100% Risk-Free - No Grueling Downloads!
With My Mad Mailer you will NEVER put your computer at risk. My Mad Mailer is totally web-based. There are absolutely 0 downloads. We send all your ads via our servers. After you submit your ads, to our submitter - we will do all the work.
4) 100 % SPAM-FREE!
My Mad Mailer will NEVER expose your email campaigns to SPAM or RISKY advertising. We deliver ONLY 100% SAFE eMail advertising. We protect your marketing campaigns with our double opt-in verification. By having everyone opt-in TWICE, you are ensured that SPAMMING is NEVER an issue with My Mad Mailer.
5) Quality safelists!
Unlike many submitters which use "junk safelists", My Mad Mailer hosts one of the fastest growing MEGA memberships on the Internet. Everyday, hundreds upon hundreds of quality new members join My Mad Mailer making it one of the most POWERFUL safelist submitter on the Internet.
6) SAVE Hundred's of dollars!
Not many safelists offer the marketing value of My Mad Mailer does. Joining safelists could cost hundred and hundreds of dollars. When members compare the price of QUALITY safelists to their click thrus and sales results, the nominal fee is AMAZING. (All members who join My Mad Mailer will be showcased to over Quality safelists).
7) Fast and Simple to use!
Unlike other safelist systems and networks, sending ads with My Mad Mailer is VERY, VERY fast and simple. (It's a no-brainer). The entire process from joining to posting ads, is all within 1-Click access. My Mad Mailer's user-friendly member's area will automate all of your ad submissions.
8) View all Ads in Real-time!
My Mad Mailer truly delivers. Unlike unethical Safelist Submitters that take consumers money and never send out the ads, members can review their ads in REAL TIME to confirm that their ad has been submitted. In the members, area My Mad Mailer has a real time log of all your ads that have been emailed and delivered.
9) All Safelists approved by Owners & Hosting Providers!
All the safelists in the My Mad Mailer system are approved by their owners & safelist hosting providers. You submit your ads with confidence.
10) 100% Quality Submission with Quality Control!
My Mad Mailer periodically monitors safelist submissions to ensure that the ads are being submitted via Quality Submission. Plus, My Mad Mailer emails all Safelist postings to each member.
11) Store and Save Unlimited Ads!
With My Mad Mailer, members don't need to keep adding ads every single time they are saved on the system.
12) Rotate up to 10 Ads or a single Ad!
Create a powerful email campaign of rotating ads. With My Mad Mailer, marketers can achieve a higher sales success rate because up to 10 ads can be rotated. After a member writes and submits the ads, My Mad Mailer will do the rest of the work.
13) Computer-Friendly!
Regardless of your operating system (Mac or PC), My Mad Mailer is compatible with ANY type of computer. (All mail is guaranteed for immediate delivery).
14) SAVE Time!
My Mad Mailer submits more than members with 1-click. My Mad Mailer will save you valuable time because it reaches an ever-growing safelists as it saves you precious time from repeating your efforts.
15) Track ALL Ad Campaigns!
My Mad Mailer provides FREE URL Trackers. All members can track each Ad to measure which ads are creating the most profitable results.
16) Updates Lists and Email Addresses with 1-Click!
Just one click will update your list and email addresses for ALL safelists that you are a member of in the My Mad Mailer program.
17) I-N-S-T-A-N-T-A-N-E-O-U-S Ad Submission!
Because My Mad Mailer is hosted on a dedicated server, all ads are submitted INSTANTANEOUSLY. It ensures minimal downtime and accelerated speed of all email campaigns.
18) Triple Moneymaking Pleasure - Make a Realistic $2000+ every Month!
With My Mad Mailer, members cure 2 marketing solutions in 1. While members are promoting their products in the powerful safelist, My Mad Mailer pays members a Monthly RESIDUAL of Commissions. The very GENEROUS commissions are paid on two Levels. Learn how to earn $2000+ every month.
As of November 14th, 2004 - 43 percent of our members are making a LUCRATIVE income of - every month. Building a substantial ($2000) residual income with My Mad Mailer can be accomplished in as few as 2-4 weeks. 
19) Affiliate URL is sent on All Ads!
With My Mad Mailer System, your Affiliate URL is included in all the ads that we submit. It automatically puts new members in your down-line. The more members in your down-line means monthly MEGA money -- for you.
20) FREE Banner Advertising!
There are two spots available for Members to add banners for other programs that they are promoting. Banners will be randomly shown on every members and resellers main page.
21) POP3 Email Cleaner!
Cleans your POP3 Email boxes with 1-Click.
22) FREE Banner Impressions & Text Ad Impressions at Traffic9.com!
Every MyMadMailer member can Claim Free 100 Advertising credits that can be converted into 500 Banner Impressions & 500 Text Ad Impressions at our premier Traffic Exchange website called Traffic9.com.
23) FREE Search Engine Submitters!
With just 1-click, you can submit websites to over 90 of the TOP Search Engines.
Important Notice

For a limited time only, My Mad Mailer is offering a variety of exclusive promotion specials with each new member sign-up. (Please note: My Mad Mailer Bonus Extravaganza is only offered here - on MyMadMailer.com).
24) Unlimited and F-R-E-E Upgrades!
Because, My Mad Mailer is constantly being improved to remain the best safelist on the Internet, new enhancements and improvements are being made to the system. As a result, all upgrades are F-R-E-E.
25) Expands Ad exposure, Click Thrus and Sales!

Because, My Mad Mailer is a rapidly growing safelist, you can magnify and maximize your sales and marketing results

Move your Marketing to the
next LEVEL of sales,
click thrus and sales.

Important Notice: We are closed now and working on a bigger & better upgrade. If you are an existing member the payment subscription has been canceled. If you have any questions regarding this feel free to contact us via our help desk.

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Exposing your business to high quality prospects could NOT be any E-A-S-I-E-R. My Mad Mailer truly delivers:

High QUALITY safelists

100 percent SPAM-FREE web advertising

IMMEDIATELY deposit email ads to safelist members

An automated, 1-Click - fast No brainer ad system

Provides guaranteed delivery

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80+ Ways to Make Money Online

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